Exhibitions (I)

From  1959 to 2005, continuation in Exhibitions (II).
Note: only exhibitions with footage available on this website are mentioned on this page. For a full list of public activities, click here.

Ville Spatiale exhibition ELC, Paris (France), 1959-1960: an early presentation of the Ville Spatiale.
Urban Carpet, Paris (France), 1975: a demonstration on how to embellish a street at a festival in St. Germaine des Prés .
Achievable Utopias, Paris (France), 1975: a survey of twenty years of work on the occasion of CDC project in 1974 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Museum of simple technology, Madras (India), 1982: a presentation of selfbuilders techniques with local people (basket makers).
Pavilion La Villette, Paris (France), 1989: a design for an open-air exhibition at La Villette Science Museum
Ville Spatiale Yokohama (Japan), 2001: a ‘mural’ and a large model at the 1st Yokohama Triennal.
Documenta XI, Kassel (Germany), 2002: entry with the freeway interchange combined in the Ville Spatiale and crumpled sheet as a ‘shadow-roof’ and various other works.
Utopia Station, Venice (Italy), 2003: posters for the project Utopia Station at the Biennal.
Rubbish is beautiful, Venice (Italy), 2003: interpretation of the Ville Spatiale composed of polystyrene packages.
– Scribbles / (Gribouillis), London, (UK), 2004: irregular wire structures projected on London City at the Serpentine Gallery.
Nuit Blanche, Paris (France), 2004: installation titled ‘Do your city’ was created using polyester packaging and situated in the colonnades of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Yona Friedman, Kitakyushu (Japan), 2005: a solo exhibition.
Historical Dimensions and Contemporary Potential, Symposium Merzbau, Zurich (Switzerland), 2005: symposium with contemporary concepts in architecture, art mediation, and art practice at the Cabaret Voltaire. See also the text on the Merz Principle in Artwork (II)