Artwork (I)

Creating artwork as such has never been an important goal for Friedman. Artwork usually generated while working on all sorts of ideas and philosophies. To visualize these  anything proofed to be useful as material to play with, preferably those materials that are spontaneously at hand and would otherwise be wasted.

Model made from waste materials.
Yona Friedman

This accidental approach is very much in keeping with his fascination for coincidence. It also adds up to his view on esthetics: there is no need to try to make anything esthetic as the process of things coming together will generate beauty by itself. This view allows for freedom in thinking and working.

Mythical figures
Yona Friedman

Having said this, let us not underestimate the way Friedman is capable of expressing ideas and views in seemingly very simple drawings that are pleasing to look at and draw the eye to its meaning. Friedman also very often uses indigenous themes and stories for his art. An example is the series of animated cartoons(1960), a project he realized with his wife Denise Charvein. At that time his art was produced alongside his work on Mobile Architecture, the Ville Spatiale, self planning and self reliance of the citizen.

In the years after 2000 the art world recognized his expressive language and embraced it in many exhibitions worldwide. In this period his architectural themes merged with his philosophy and expressive themes, to be seen by a wide audience. (See under Exhibitions). The artwork presented in these chapters are themes as such, not linked to a particular exhibition or publication.

Interior Apartment, from 1968: using his appartment as his studio, Friedman created a very special interior.
Pictographic Art, 1974: text written in in ideograms to be understood through all languages.
Art in the street, 1975: ‘wall paper’to embellish the city.
Hill of the Faiths, 1990: grouped sanctuaries for different faiths.
Truths, 1980-2000: large posters with images and philosophical statements.
Various models, 2000: models with different materials and purposes.
Venise Collages, 2003: fantasy figures in the town of Venice (Italy).
Gribouillis London, 2004: postcards of London (UK) with scribbles.

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