Quirky configurations

One way for Friedman to break with geometrical conventions was to work with random shapes as shown in the project about amorphous architecture. And also working with material fit to be used to form many shapes, as shown in the principle of Crumpled  Sheets. Breaking conventions was also shown by means using well known shapes and images for buildings as in his Tall Building Esthetics. This is he how Friedman showed colleagues in architecture during a conference in 1997 that there is no need for the convention of working with geometrical shapes as the technical possibilities are there to realize practically any shape.

Cylindrical Towers, 1990
Amorphous Architecture, 1994, 2009
Crumpled Sheets, 1992-1996
Tall Building Esthetics, 1997
Gribouilli, 1995-2005
Mosquito Net, 2001

Related projects and studies
Space Chains, 1970
Lamellar Structures, 1990
Protein Structures, 1992
Moebian Structures, 2000
Irregular tensegrity, 2000-2005
Exhibition Musee d’Art Contemporain Lyon, 2007