Ville Spatiale projects (I)

Friedman used photomontages of actual city sites to explain the principle. Especially the montages of the centre of Paris published in 1959 gained wide attention and accelerated his principles to other themes of discussion. Over the years he used the principle of the Ville Spatiale in many competition entries to gain interest for his ideas and the possibilities they represented.

From 1998 Friedman’s ideas regained a lot of interest. His Ville Spatiale then often figured as an expression of art or philosophy.

Projects Ville Spatiale (links)
African Projects, 1959
Paris Spatiale, 1959
Tunis, 1959
Venice of Monaco, 1959
Various studies Ville Spatiale
American projects, 1964
House of Parliament, Dar es Salam, Tanzania, 1967
Umbrella for Les Halles, 1969
Variations on a façade with no structure, 1970
Ville Spatiale Nice, 1970
Centre Pompidou, 1970
Opera House Paris, 1982
Tête Défense, 1982
MoMa, 1990
Musée 21 Century, 1999
Photomontage with Balkis in Paris, 2000
Project Berlin, 2003
Ville Spatiale deco, 2003
Vienna Ville Spatiale, 2004
Ville Spatiale Milan Stadium, 2004
Brescia, 2008
Binckhorst, The Hague, 2010

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