Mobile Architecture Projects

Friedman made many studies using the principles of Mobile Architecture. The early studies  were experiments to apply flexible systems in mass housing projects as these were carried out to solve the problem of the housing shortage after World War II. Later Friedman worked on the solution of the unwanted expansion of cities as developed in the principles for the Ville Spatiale. (See also in Ville Spatiale, Principles Ville Spatiale and Technical aspects Ville Spatiale).

One of the first was the Ville du Bois de Boulogne in 1957. Here the idea for a Ville Spatiale was applied over the area of the Bois the Boulogne. This proposal led to wide public opposition as this location was very dear to the Parisians. Being new to the city, Friedman had not realized this. All the same this outcry served well to gain attention for his proposition for the Ville Spatiale.

Later on Friedman used ideas for Mobile Architecture in propositions that are aiming for flexible use of public space or within housing. In these the simplicity of the used techniques were often combined with prefabricated constructions. (See also related subjects at the bottom of this page).

Project links
Panel Chains, 1945
Movable Boxes, 1946
Ville du Bois de Boulogne, 1957
Cabins for the Sahara, 1958
Stacked Concrete Boxes, 1958
Belapur, 1980
2 walls + 1 roof, 1992
Meubles plus, 2009

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