Competition Entries

Friedman has participated in many competitions. Not, as he stated, expecting to win, but to attract the attention of a wider audience for his ideas, views, and inspiration.

Tunis, 1959: renewal of the city centre by creating a superstructure over the kashba.
Animated cartoons, 1960: inventive method to create an animation picture of an African tale.
House of Parliament, Dar es Salam (Tanzania), 1967: shortly after the creation of the new state their was the need for a parliament building. Friedman proposed a building that would bring many public functions together, blending them in in the city centre of Dar es Salam.
Centre Pompidou, Paris (France) 1970: a large covered square with sight of the existing street facades and a superstructure that could be filled with flexible accommodations for the museum.
Ville Spatiale Nice, (France) 1970: a Ville Spatiale over the coastline of the town. A design following the example of the project ‘Venice, City on stilts’ (Italy) in 1969.
Computer Centre, Secunderabad (India), 1975-1976: design using simple technology.
National Theater, Budapest (Hungary), 1980: after the demolition of the ‘People’s Theater’ in 1963 numerous plans for a new built were made and rejected.
Opera House, Paris (France), 1982: design for a new Opera House on the spot of the former Bastille Station.
Tête Défense, Paris (France), 1982: design for a new city space.
International Forum, Tokyo (Japan), 1989: design for a multi purpose centre made in collaboration with Eda Schaur.
Samarkand (Uzbekistan), 1990: design for the redevelopment of the city centre.
Hill of the Winds (Japan), 1992: design for a monument for the winds with a generator.
The Labyrinth, Nagasaki (Japan) 1996, design to fill a square.
Milano Pyramid, Milan (Italy), 2000: design for a landmark in front of the Central Station.