As Friedman’s ideas led him beyond architecture, his sphere of engagement broadened to include sociology, planning, economics, mathematics and science. In his many publications he combined these fields, finding new points of view and new principles to work by. In his work he has adhered to principles based on the requirement of individual freedom and responsible use of the environment.

Later in life his practical science combined more and more with philosophical notions of the nature of things and ways to think. Following the method for communication he used previously in creating his ‘Manuals’, he put down his many ideas on all sorts of subjects in nearly hundred filmed slide shows. These are to be found on the net at Balkis Productions. Through this website there is an access to Balkis Productions, organized by theme and with summaries of the content of the titles.

Themes Balkis Productions slide shows
With each of these themes there is a description per slide show and a weblink to the item in Balkis Productions. The slideshows last a few minutes each.
Images & subtitles, part 1
Images et sous-titres
Images & subtitles, part 2
Sujets quasi-politiques
Social topics
These slideshows may be downloaded and used. The makers state the following conditions:
“In case of any public screening of one of these movies: inform us, download, burn a dvd, and mention: “Title”, Yona Friedman, Copyright: Balkis Productions, Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, 2011.”

Yona Friedman’s wrote a ‘warning’ about the content of these slide shows:
Slideshows / Warning
I tried to present some ideas in bilingual form (images + texts), in order to find a concise formulation, easy to understand. As for the ideas themselves, they are personal and subjective, without looking to scientific or philosophical truth. They are strictly my personal convictions, short poems or sketches. The dog’s remarks concern only my late dog.
Essais-diapositives / Avertissement
J’ai essayé presenter certaines idées en images + texts, afin de rendre l’expression assez concise et compréhensible. Quand aux idées elles-mêmes, elles sont personnelles et subjectives, sans chercher une vérité scientifique ou philosophique. Elles ne sont que mes propres convictions personnelles, de courts ‘poèmes’, ou esquisses. Les remarques du chien ne concernent que mon chien défunt.”