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This website materializes Friedman’s wish to have an updated monograph, containing virtually all of his work and making it once again available to others who may be inspired to work with his ideas and principles. Main sources:
-Lebesque, Sabine and Fentener van Vlissingen, Helene, Yona Friedman. Structures Serving the Unpredictable, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (translations Billy Nolan), 1999;
-Yona Friedman and Marianne Homiridis, Yona Friedman. Drawings & Models 1945-2010, Les presses du réel/kamel menour, Paris, France, 2010;
– Orazi, Manuel, ‘A Conversation with Yona Friedman’, Log, nr 26, New York, USA, 2012.

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