Simple technology

Friedman looked for ways and methods to give the individual as much influence to achieve an environment and a way of life as one sees fit, not disturbing others and not exhausting the environment. His first projects were designed for large-scale simple, inexpensive and often temporary shelters to realize using existing prefabricated materials.

Example of the construction of domes as a simple technology easy to apply by future inhabitants, Yona Friedman, 1970-1975

Later his ideas for simple technology focused more on the empowerment of people in difficult circumstances, like shanty towns. Also he promoted the use of simple technology to give people tools and ideas how to create their own space and facilities.

Cylindrical Shelters, 1953-1958
Cabins for the Sahara, 1958
Bamboo constructions, 1970-1975
Domes, 1982
Bronx Museum NY, 1986
Chairs, 1991

Related projects and studies
2 walls + 1 roof, 1992
studies for Mobile Architecture, 1959
Space Chains, 1970
Computer Centre Secunderabad, 1975-1976
Museum of Simple Technology, 1982
Museum without Doors, 1987