Mobile Architecture

In 1956 Friedman addressed the Congrès International d’Architecture Moderne nr. 10 (CIAM X) in Dubrovnik with a pamphlet Manifesto de l’Architecture Mobile, a system of construction that allows the occupants to determine the design of their own dwellings. (See for further historical reference in the biography).

Ville Spatiale over the existing city. Yona Friedman, L’Architecture Mobile, 10 principles of spatial urbanism, Paris, 1959

Friedman expanded this idea for Mobile Architectureto the idea for creating elevated city space where people could live and work. With this principle he also hoped to introduce a method that could restrain the land use of growing cities.  His goal became to explain that it was not necessary to demolish older city parts to create new housing and also he pleaded for the compactness of the city, as building above the existing city could diminish expanding outwards.

Apart from creating tempting pictures of the possible results, Friedman also elaborated on the technical feasibility of his ideas, including a hanging metro (cable-metro) to connect the different parts of his city quarters with each other and with the rest of the city. The floors of the elevated construction where to hang between towers that serviced the access and necessary supplies, lines, and pipework. He also worked out an optimum for the size of a city.

Furthermore he designed methods of choice to be used by individuals for creating and positioning the living space they wanted. In the Ville Spatiale, Friedman combined many of his principles:

The idea for ‘Mobile Architecture’ led to further explorations: how to bring these flexible quarters together on a larger scale. He designed floors that were suspended on a very open construction in which the housing units could be placed at random.

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